Gregory A. Barker, PhD is the author of several Illuminate Revision Guides and Textbooks for Ethics, Philosophy and Christianity. Greg is hosting a series of Webinars for teachers aimed at teaching & exam success.

  • Master the content you are delivering
  • Learn how to help students avoid common pitfalls
  • Gain insights on exam questions
  • Receive resources to use in classroom and blended learning
  • Ask any question


All webinars run from 16:00 – 17:30

TUES 15 SEPT A Level RS Essay Planning, Structure & Success for Eduqas/WJEC Teachers INFO & TICKETS

TUES 22 SEPT Ethics Mastery: Ethical Egoism, Divine Command Theory, and Virtue Theory  for Eduqas / WJEC Teachers INFO & TICKETS

TUES 29 SEPT Engagement and Success with GCSE Christianity! For Eduqas/WJEC Teachers INFO & TICKETS

WEDS 07 OCT Top Media for Teaching GCSE and A Level – ALL BOARDS INFO & TICKETS

TUES 13 OCT Religious Language 1 (Eduqas/WJEC): Problems of Religious Language, Cognitive but Meaningless and Non-Cognitive-Analogical INFO & TICKETS

TUES 20 OCT Religious Language 2 (Eduqas/WJEC): Non-Cognitive & Symbolic, Non-Cognitive & Mythical, and Language Games INFO & TICKETS

TUES 03 NOV Christianity Mastery for Eduqas/WJEC: Bible-Canon, The Early Church, and Two Views of Jesus INFO & TICKETS

TUES 10 NOV Christianity Mastery for Eduqas/WJEC: Trinity, Atonement & Nature of God INFO & TICKETS

WEDS 18 NOV Ethics Mastery for Eduqas / WJEC teachers: Metaethics – Naturalism, Intuitionism and Emotivism INFO & TICKETS

TUES 24 NOV New Ideas & Resources for Model Essays and Knowledge Organizers for Teachers of A-Level RS students in ALL BOARDS INFO & TICKETS

TUES 01 DEC Philosophy Mastery for Eduqas / WJEC: Religious Experience, Mysticism & Challenges to Religious Experience INFO & TICKETS