RS Teachers from AQA, Eduqas/WJEC, Edexcel and OCR will find strategies and resources to help students excel this year:

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Tuesday 14 September – Staying Sane with Crazy, Massive Content Delivery for A Level RS. More Info & Tickets

This FREE webinar for teachers of A-level Religious Studies will cover:

  • Re-energising the A-level classroom
  • Strategies for saving time on content delivery
  • Personal motivation for teaching
  • Activities to re-engage your A-level students

We’ll laugh, cry and find inspiration for delivering the massive amount of content to our students. You will come away with concrete and useful ideas and resources as we move forwards together. The webinar includes Board-specific break-out rooms for discussion and idea-sharing.

Thursday 03 February New Approaches to Model Essays, Knowledge Organisers and Blended Learning for AQA, Edexcel & Eduqas/WJEC A Level RS

Dr Greg Barker with senior A-level and AS examiner Clare Lloyd. More Info & Tickets.

Learn new ways to use model essays and knowledge organisers to encourage student success, particularly for students who are overwhelmed by the ‘perfect’ model. We will discover ways to model excellent learning and revision that gives students the freedom to find their own unique way to master subject content.

  • Examples of interactive model essays
  • How to introduce a variety of knowledge organisers to your students
  • Resources to use in classroom and blended learning