BUNDLE – Unit 1A Christianity GCSE for WJEC Revision & Content

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TWO 165 page guides in PDF format to master content and assessment for WJEC Unit 1A Christianity GCSE

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Master ALL Content and Prepare for your assessments!  This Workbook and Revision Guide provide over 300pages of worksheets, test questions, answer guides, and strategies for all of Unit 1A Christianity.  These come in a PDF format and can be used by teachers wanting material and guidance to plan assessments and by students who want to prepare themselves for these assessments.

Note: your purchase allows you to one download which you agree will not be shared with other centres.

Students can turn to any section of Christianity Unit 1A and to revise and  test themselves. Teachers can use this material for teaching, blended learning, assignments, etc.

About the Authors
Angela Hill currently teaches at Cardiff High School where she is a Lead Practitioner. She is a long-serving examiner, consultant and resource author. As well as a practising teacher, Angela is an engaging teacher trainer, and has guest-lectured on various teacher training programmes.

Marged Williams is Leader of Learning for Religious Studies at Llantwit School. She is also an experienced examiner (over 15 years), delivering at Preparing to Teach conferences in Welsh and English. Marged is also a wife and mother of three gorgeous girls.

Gregory A. Barker, PhD, provides training to teachers and students across the United
Kingdom in Religion, Ethics and Philosophy. He is also a Fellow at the University of Winchester and author of both Christianity for A Level Year 2 WJEC/Eduqas and Jesus Beyond Christianity (Oxford University Press).

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Contents for Christianity Unit 1A Revision GuidePreview for the Workbook:

The Table of Contents for the Complete Workbook Unit 1A Christianity WJEC GCSE