A special day for your entire 6th form to explore, discuss and debate religion in British society.

Presentations are highly interactive, involving media, discussions, debates, quizzes, prizes and book giveaways. And I leave you and your students with top quality resources.

What do we cover? I offer a wide range of topics including:

  • The God Debate: Atheists vs. Believers
  • Star Wars and Lord of the Rings on Religion
  • Bart Simpson on Life after Death
  • Has Cinema Replaced the Church?
  • Why Can’t Christians, Jews and Muslims Just Get Along?
  • Is Britain Really a Christian Nation?

I take an objective approach to the many controversial themes associated with religion, philosophy and ethics so that students feel absolutely free to discuss, debate and explore their own convictions and ideas.

I also emphasize critical thinking skills and weave in principles of how to succeed at University study – in ways that apply to all degree interests.