My world includes everything from the philosophy of religion to leading an online magazine for musicians.

greg-side-picsAuthor and Educator. I am the editor of Jesus Beyond Christianity: The Classic Texts (Oxford University Press) as well as other books. I am also the Commissioning Editor for the leading Music Industry publication, VoiceCouncil Magazine. I have contributed to numerous publishing projects and am also a videographer with millions of views on numerous video projects within the Music Industry.

Fluent in the Humanities. I have experience and knowledge in the the world’s religions, religion in contemporary society, psychology, film & media and critical thinking skills.  I’ve worked with noted authors and leaders such as Desmond Tutu, Hasan Askari, Eric Maisel, Dan Cohn-Sherbok and many others.

Coach. I enjoy helping all students – whatever their field – to succeed at their studies, rekindle their passion for learning and reach to deeper levels. I also love working with anyone who wishes their vocation and relationships to move closer to their dreams. I advise teachers on curriculum & resources and love to introduce innovative methods for kindling passion in Religious Studies, Philosophy and the Humanities.

University Connections. I’m a former University Head of Department (Trinity College, The University of Wales) & Director of Research for the Religious Experience Research Centre.  I am also a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Winchester.   I embrace a “Religious Studies” method to the religions, looking at them objectively and trying to understand them as they are, not as we wish they would be – or necessarily as they claim to be.

International Projects. I’ve been involved in scholarly and educational projects in Taiwan (the sociology of religion), Pakistan (understanding religion and politics in a rural community), Denmark (music industry work), Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom (teaching, advising, coaching). I’ve collaborated with leading figures in contemporary music and with leaders in the study of religion.